Benefits of Renovating Your Garden Furniture

If you have considered renovating your garden furniture rather than buying new, you have also considered and maybe even already shopped for new garden furniture. Let’s face it, the amount of choice out there is enormous, and it can also be overwhelming. Half the world seems to be exporting their furniture to the UK.

The fact is that any garden centre you go to has a large collection of “Fast” furniture. Fast furniture is the furniture equivalent of fast fashion. It is made of plastic and plastic based materials. Its price point is extremely attractive and like its fashion equivalent it looks wonderful when new. But unfortunately, its life span is remarkably short when confronted by the British Winter. And at the end of its life there is only one place that it is going to end up, as a rather large edition to the landfill mountain plastic mountain. Nearly 700,000 tonnes of furniture ends up in landfill in the UK every year.

So being a sustainability aware type of person the preferred option would be to renovate your old furniture back to new. After all, you must have liked the original design when you first bought it, it just needs a new lease of life. The happy memories that have been made with this furniture with family and friends on a summer’s day and balmy evenings can continue for many years to come.

The service that we provide at Metal Furniture Doctor means that we essentially deliver a new set of furniture back to you. The cost effectiveness means that you can get a “new” set of furniture for less than a lot of outdoor furniture manufacturers. At Metal Furniture Doctor, your furniture really will be better than when you first bought it.

The furniture you originally purchased was manufactured on the basis of making sound structural furniture. However, very little effort went into the finish and the paintwork. The finishing process was done as cheaply and as quickly as possible. On the other hand, our factory in the Cotswolds has been producing our luxury Oxley’s furniture for over 30 years. Our experience and knowledge means that we are World experts on finishing Aluminium outdoor furniture for maximum longevity and endurance. It is one of the reasons our furniture is specified for the world’s finest hotels and private residences.

We do what other aluminium outdoor furniture manufacturer’s do not do; we spend a great deal of the production time preparing the aluminium surface prior to powder coating (painting) it. By blasting the raw metal surface with manganese shot we clean it perfectly whilst increasing the surface area by three times, giving the powder coat finish 3 times more adhesion. Your furniture, in whatever new colour you choose will be better than new…and you will have chosen the sustainable option in this environmentally challenged world.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your insightful article on choosing the perfect sofa set. Your expertise shines through in providing valuable tips and considerations for selecting a sofa that combines both style and comfort seamlessly.

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