Why Choose Renovation over Buying New

For over 30 years our main business, Oxley’s Furniture, has been making luxury outdoor furniture from recycled aluminium. As a business we strive to manufacture in the most sustainable way possible and this way of thinking led us to set up Metal Furniture Doctor.

We saw that we could help reduce the amount of waste coming from gardens. It seemed like the right thing to do to set up this service for those who want to renovate their aluminium garden furniture instead of buying new. We want to promote the possibilities of a more sustainable future.

Oxley’s Barrington Triple Bench

What are the benefits of renovation?

The majority of the time with aluminium garden furniture it is only the paint finish that has aged badly, the structure of the furniture is usually sound. Therefore, before you throw it away and buy new, think about the benefits of renovating your garden furniture.

It is very likely that upon first buying it you loved your garden furniture and its design. Therefore, why not give it a second life. Instead of searching for a new set, give your beautiful garden furniture a new wonderful life. And if you want to give it a different look simply change the colour to make it look fresh whilst keeping the original design.

It is the sustainable option. We are continuously urging people to be more and more sustainable in their lives. By simply choosing to renovate over buying new, you are recycling your old furniture and producing less waste from your garden.

High quality finish. We use the same premium finish for renovating other manufacturers furniture as we do to our own luxury Oxley’s Furniture. So not only will your aluminium garden furniture look brand new, but it will also last well into the future.

A previous garden furniture restoration by Metal Furniture Doctor.

Sentimental value. A lot of our customers come to us saying that their set of metal garden furniture once belonged to their parents, and they want it renovated back to “new” to get more use out of it. We love hearing the lovely stories behind particular sets of garden furniture. When treated properly, aluminium garden furniture can last for generations. Meaning that renovating your garden furniture will allow you to pass it down through the generations, allowing memories to continue to be made by all the family.

By taking this one small step and choosing to renovate your garden furniture, you are helping the environment and doing your bit for the planet. Becoming sustainable doesn’t happen overnight but if we all continue to make small changes like this, we can all help on the road to sustainability.

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