is a trading name of Oxley’s furniture Ltd, established in 1991, company registration number 2604458.

We started our business in 1991 by using recycled aluminium to make new furniture that is designed to last generations. Aluminium is the untold success story in the drive to sustainability. Seventy five percent of all the Aluminium that has ever been produced is still in use, recycled for aeroplanes, alloy wheels and drinks cans etc. The furniture we make is solid and extremely robust. Not many manufacturers make their furniture to the same standards. But we are great advocates of sustainability and as manufacturers, know that most aluminium furniture that is looking shabby and old because the original paint has failed, can be given a new lease of life…as a “new” set of furniture. We are very happy to apply our expertise to other manufacturer’s furniture. As the owner of a set of furniture in this condition we think it is reasonable to assume you would never have brought it when it was new if you didn’t really life it. When we have restored it, you will love it again.

Confirmation of the service we are providing:
Collection of your furniture from your home. We will et in touch with you between 5 and 10 working days prior to the proposed collection day in order to confirm that the day we are proposing is convenient. We will normally give you a 3-hour time slot. If the collection includes moving a table that seats more than six people, our driver will require assistance in moving it on our van. Our driver will mark your furniture with specific coloured cable ties or name tag and show you examples of the metal colours from which you can choose for your new furniture.

The furniture renovation process. When the furniture arrives at our factory it is inspected to check the condition of its structure, any fixings and fittings (including the condition of any plastic “feet”) and the old paint finish. If there are problems with the furniture that we have not been able to identify from photographs, we will contact you to discuss the options available. Once the old paint is completely stripped off, any necessary welding work is done. The furniture goes through another light shot blasting process and then the primer coat is applied at high temperature. Followed by the final colour powder coat, again at high temperature. Finally, plastic feet are re-attached where applicable and your “new” furniture is ready for return. This whole process can take up to six weeks.

Redelivery of your furniture. We will get in touch with you between approximately 5 working days prior to the proposed delivery day. At this stage we will send you an invoice for the agreed order price and ask you to settle the balance by bacs payment (preferably) or by credit card. Once we have received payment, we will ring you to confirm a three hour redelivery time slot. Our driver will unload your “new” furniture in its original setting and photograph it. Finally, we will ask you to sign the delivery note.

During the collection, the work carried out at the Oxley’s factory and final re-delivery, each item of our customer’s furniture is insured for replacement in the event of loss or damage.

Customer’s own delivery to our factory
Customers are also welcome to organise delivery and re-collection of their furniture to and from our factory. In this instance the furniture will be photographed on arrival at the Factory and again on completion of the agreed work, prior to handing it over to the carrier.

If our customers cannot accept delivery of the furniture when it is ready we are able to store it, within reason, on the condition we are given a new week for delivery in which we can arrange a delivery day and time. Long term storage will incur storage charges.

Our aluminium furniture restoration process guarantee 
When we deliver your aluminium furniture back to you, it is guaranteed for  years against faults in the new powder coat finish. The guarantee does not apply to the structure of the furniture (which we did not manufacture) or any steel fixtures or fittings*

**Steel fixtures & fittings. Some aluminium furniture is held together with steel nuts and bolts (for instance legs attached to chair seats and table tops to bases). Our process and our guarantee applies to all the aluminium parts of the furniture, it is not as 100% effective with steel as it is with Aluminium. We endeavour to make sure the steel parts do not continue to rust with rust inhibiting techniques. Sine these fixtures are not particularly exposed to the elements, they are normally not a problem. Where the design of the furniture allows no feet and means that painting surfaces are in contact with the round and so can be damaged by scraping, our paint guarantee is not applicable. 

The construction of your furniture* The furniture on which we are applying or restoration process was not made by Oxley’s. We are therefore unable to guarantee any faults or breakages in the structure of your furniture.

Imperfections in the surface of furniture we restore. Our restoration process uses various types of shot blasting, depending on how easily the old paint covering comes off. In some rare instances this may leave a slightly pitted or rough base surface for the new powder paint. Whilst the new powder coat will for the most part smooth this over, your “new” furniture might have a more textured feel than the old version. 

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