Reborn Aluminium Outdoor Furniture by MFD

All businesses are striving to become ever more sustainable, and we are in a position to go further with this ambition than most. For over 30 years our main business, Oxley’s, have made sustainable garden furniture from our factory in the Cotswolds. We started the business with sustainability as a core aim, both in using recycled aluminium in its construction and starting Metal Furniture Doctor to renovate others furniture back to new. Other aluminium furniture manufacturers do not have such a long-term ambition and so there is a great deal of furniture which starts to look rather unsightly after just a few years. This is where we can help in making other aluminium furniture new again…making it Reborn.

Our UK factory makes this all possible

We are unique amongst aluminium furniture manufacturers operating in the UK in that we actually make our furniture in the UK, from our Gloucestershire based factory. Having our own English factory makes a number of things possible, allowing us to take old aluminium furniture and make it new again, giving it a new life using our years of experience and knowledge. This also means we can apply our long-lasting and high-quality finishing process to other manufacturers furniture and achieve the same result with the finish. Giving it a better finish than was originally applied.

Reborn Amiens 4 Seater Set
Making new furniture out of old

It seems that much of the aluminium garden furniture sold does not have a well applied finish, and longevity has not been taken into account at the time of manufacture. The furniture itself is structurally sound but it can end up very quickly looking worse for wear with discoloration, fading, flaking paint work and white powder oxidisation. All these are signs that the original powder coat paint was not applied well. There are some manufacturers who do not give a single day’s warranty on their paint work, showing that even they know their paint finish doesn’t last. They describe oxidisation on aluminium furniture as a natural process. Well yes it is, but so is milk going bad if it is left out of the fridge and to stop this, milk lives in the fridge. Similarly, oxidisation on aluminium furniture can be stopped by applying the paint finish in the most scientifically advanced way, which just so happens to be the way we do it.

Applying our process to create Reborn

Our Reborn products are created by taking other manufacturers furniture and putting it through our factory, using the same process we use on our own luxury outdoor furniture. Doing this turns an ordinary set of aluminium furniture into an extraordinary set. We strip off all the paint from the furniture and take it back to bare metal. We then shotblast each piece with a manganese shot, which triples the surface area of the furniture, and apply our paint finish to the furniture. We use our range of wonderful furniture colours and add cushions from our enormous range of outdoor fabrics, which creates Reborn furniture.

Reborn Amiens 2 Seater Set

Reborn is just another way of doing all we can to work in a truly sustainable way, offering our customers a range of sustainable options to find what works best for them. Reborn will always be competitively priced against similarly constructed furniture, the difference is that it will always have our paint warranty. We believe in taking responsibility for the whole life cycle of our products and Reborn allows us to extend the life cycle of other people’s furniture, helping to reduce the amount of waste coming from gardens in the UK.

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