Why Autumn is the Perfect Time to Renovate your Garden Furniture

Oxley’s Furniture Casa 2 Seater Set

It is often the case that people forget about their outdoor aluminium furniture over the cooler months and it is only when the weather turns warm that people think about the condition their furniture is in. However, now is the time you should be thinking about your furniture and deciding whether or not it needs renovation. There are many reasons why autumn is the perfect time to get your garden furniture renovated, with many people realising this too late and not having their newly renovated furniture ready for the summer.

Skip the springtime rush
The idea to renovate your outdoor aluminium furniture usually comes to mind in the spring when the weather is starting to warm up. However, this is also the busiest period for garden furniture manufacturers. This can therefore lead to a long wait time to have your furniture renovated and delivered back to you. Whereas in autumn, garden furniture manufacturers are not as busy and so will be able to renovate your furniture quickly and efficiently. The perfect time for renovation as you won’t miss them whilst they are being brought back to life.

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Ready for the warm weather
With the return of the warm weather, thoughts of basking in the sun on your favourite aluminium garden chairs come to mind. However, if they have been neglected throughout the winter, they may be looking a bit worse for wear. By the time the warm weather is here, it is too late to get your garden furniture renovated in time to make the most of the sun. By getting them renovated in the autumn, as soon as the sun comes out you can enjoy your furniture in all its glory.

Last through many winters
Whilst it may feel like getting your outdoor aluminium furniture renovated before the winter is counterintuitive, this is not the case. If you choose a high-quality renovation service, the finish that is applied will be extremely durable and long-lasting. Metal Furniture Doctor provides a service that applies a longer lasting finish than was used by the original manufacturer, meaning it can withstand whatever the English weather throws at it for many years to come.

Refurbished set of aluminium furniture in Mint Blue by MFD

Sustainable gift
Due to garden furniture often having a sentimental value, whether it was bought as a gift originally or if it has been passed down through the family, renovation can be a truly fantastic gift idea. A truly sustainable Christmas gift for those who don’t want to get rid of their furniture or buy new, but their current set of outdoor aluminium furniture is looking a bit tired. Choose the sustainable option this Christmas and breathe a new life into a loved one’s outdoor furniture.

Choosing to renovate your outdoor furniture is a cheaper, sustainable alternative to buying new. To really make the most of the renovation we encourage you to think about it in the autumn time, before it is too late, and the warm weather has already arrived. Whether for yourself or a loved one, an autumn renovation is always a good idea.

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