Sustainability at Metal Furniture Doctor

Sustainability at Oxley’s Furniture Ltd, the company behind Metal Furniture Doctor.

We know how important it is to have business wide sustainability, and this is the heart of what we do across all areas of our business. A sustainable business is one that is striving towards making better choices for the environment.

We started Oxley’s Furniture over 30 years ago using one of the most recycled elements on the planet. Recycled aluminium was the obvious choice for our main aim, to manufacture furniture to last generations. We started with sustainability at our core with the added bonus of using a material that was readily available, easy to use and completely weatherproof when treated properly.

Oxley’s Furniture Artemis 8 Seater Set

After ten years of trading, a customer came to us after buying a set of Oxley’s furniture a few years before, asking if we could repaint their furniture to a different colour. They had just moved house and wanted the furniture to blend in with its new surroundings. This opened a new door for us and since then we have offered this service to many Oxley’s customers, upgrading and changing their furniture instead of them having to buy new.

In 2018 we realised that we could use our factory to offer this service to non-Oxley’s customers. Which led us to setting up the Metal Furniture Doctor side, offering a premium service to renovate aluminium furniture not originally made by Oxley’s. We mostly find that the structure of the furniture is sound (we can nearly always mend it if not), but the paint finish is not up to the standard of Oxley’s and therefore does not stand the test of time. By setting up this service, we wanted to show that all aluminium garden furniture can be renovated back to new and allow our customers to choose the most sustainable option.


Oxley’s and Metal Furniture Doctor will continue to aim for greater and greater sustainability in all that we do as a business, we are proud of what we have achieved so far.

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