The Sentimental Value Behind Garden Furniture

A comment from Simon Hudson, Managing Director, on the sentimental value behind garden furniture.

Some sets of garden furniture are worth more than words can say…

There are many memorable occasions in my life that were hosted by my parents garden furniture, and many other happy occasions too numerous to remember.

Memorable occasions include the forced jollity of the August breakfast having just opened the post containing my O level results. The lunch on return from my gap year abroad before going to university and the happiness of the supper to celebrate our engagement.

As we started our own family we often went back “home” and had family meals in the same spot in the garden in front of the summer house which I remember, perhaps with rose tinted spectacles, as always just the right temperature.

The garden furniture that hosted these many family events was, to be honest, pretty tatty. With a wide variety of pieces made in all sorts of different materials. But it is the memory of the happy events in which they were part of that made them so special.

I therefore completely understand when I am told by customers that their garden furniture isn’t worth renovating…but they are going to do it anyway because of its sentimental value. Because we are British, with our fabulously unpredictable weather, summer meals outside are so much more appreciated and remembered with the setting of these memorable meals playing a big part in this. Why not continue to use the garden furniture that was part of these happy occasions. We can bring that garden furniture back to its original best with our refurbishment process so you can continue making memories.

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